Who, What, Why? Podcast

Who, What, Why? is a podcast about game design with game designers. One of the hosts, Michael Bonet, is a long-time friend. The podcast was in need of a logo update to boost listenership and grow the podcast.


logo redesign: early stages


We started by reworking the original logo (redesign above) and then developing some alternative concepts.


This logo is clean and readable on a small scale, but shows extra detail when viewed on a larger scale (on a device). 


Suggests movement around a gameboard. Perspective gives some interest in a sea of flat-style podcast logos.


This option employs the “cutout”/”silhouette” concept, placing a podcast mic inside a board game piece. 



After several revision rounds on the original draft of this concept, we arrived at the final image below. The winning design depicts two people engaged over a table; one is writing/designing a game, the other is test-playing the game. This option provides character and personification to the podcast’s theme.