The Bully Shoppe

The Bully Shoppe is a start-up company by Jenn Z. It is centered around the English Bull Terrier. Jenn began this endeavor on Instagram, where she shared photos of her own Bull Terriers and their new litter of puppies. Her following grew quickly, so she decided to use her many talents to create products that other Bully owners would love and find useful. 


logo design: early stages

Jenn had a clear direction in mind for her logo, so we started off working with a geometric portrait of a Bull Terrier. The initial stages of the logo development involved 3 primary concepts in monochrome and color versions. 


The first product we created for The Bully Shoppe was a T-Shirt design. It was the first of a series of bulldogs. The following designs will include portraits of a French Bulldog, a Pitbull, and other bulldogs.