The ashokan center

logo update

The mission of the Ashokan Center is to teach, inspire and build community through shared experiences in nature, history, and the arts.

Nestled in the Catskills in Olivebridge, New York on 385 acres of fields, forests, trails, and streams, the Ashokan Center is a special blend of geologic, natural and human history.

In addition to producing and hosting performances, camps and special events for the local community, staff of the Ashokan Center lead residential and day programs for K-12 school students and teachers, colleges and universities, and organizational retreats of all kinds.

Seasonal logos

The logo update project consisted of the creation of four season logos to showcase the year-round beauty of Ashokan and encourage the Center's audience to visit during all time of the year.


logo design: music & dance camps

The Ashokan Center produces and hosts Music & Dance Camps on premises, and the organization required a logo refresh that would also tie the events to the Center.

This logo needed to capture both the lively spirit of the Music & Dance Camps, but also convey the beauty and inspiring nature of the location of the dances, The Ashokan Center. We explored several routes to achieve this.

Final logo

The final logo refers to the logo for The Ashokan Center, in order to visually relate the two entities. It features two dancing figures and a depiction of the mountains and evergreen trees.


Early initial option 1

Here, the A is morphed into a monogram. The loops suggest a lasso, giving the logo a western feel, but the infinity shape also suggests that all types of music and dance are included.


Early initial option 2

This logo is not so literal, but rather creates an embracing, lively, musical feeling. The swirls and loops feel like dance moves and the progression of a beautiful song. 


Banners & flyers for music & dance camps events


Autumn Events Palm Card / Brochure /  Rack Card